If you’re spending your time looking for the best Uservoice alternatives, you’re in the right place.

To find product feedback software with the right features, all you need is good research.

Also, it will enable you to buy it for a decent price and not spend extra money.

And guess what, we’ve done it for you!

After reading this article you’ll be deeply met with 3 new softwares and how using them can help your business.

Uservoice is a popular customer feedback software focused on helping SaaS companies to make the right product by prioritising feature requests and making customer feedback more meaningful.

Why? Because developing products for your customers could be much quicker, and you can spend time building only features which are a real priority by constantly getting feedback from your users.

Even if it’s used by companies like Microsoft, Uservoice is not the best choice for every company.

Many companies are using Uservoice alternatives which are meeting their needs, so they don’t have to pay that much when it’s not necessary.

What’s important when choosing the right Uservoice alternative

If you’re a project manager or designer and if you’re looking for a tool which is Uservoice alternative, which performances would be of the greatest importance for your final choosing decision?

By better understanding of customers needs and segmenting product feedback, companies are able to build better products with most useful features.

In the process of searching for the right software, you surely won’t search for the one with most super extra features.

Because, you don’t need software which can calculate a natal chart of your users and not containing some features you really need.

When choosing which software to use, you have to identify your needs first.

It’s better to save money and have appropriate and simple software then to spend it on some features you don’t even need, right?!

This article will be concentrated on getting into 3 Uservoice alternatives that could be a better solution for your business.

We’ll describe the main advantages and disadvantages of each option as well and give you a deep insight of using these Uservoice alternatives.

You’ll find out how much it costs and other information which will clarify what you could expect from using these softwares.

What are the best Uservoice alternatives

  • Productboard - Cloud-based software for monitoring progress of development product by users needs
  • Aha.io - Roadmap software for precisely planning what needs to be done to deliver the valuable products to users
  • Canny.io - Simple solution software for teams to collect and organize feedback from their users and save a lot of time

Productboard - Uservoice alternative for Project Manager Pro’s

Productboard is a product management system and one of the Uservoice alternatives that helps product teams to understand users needs.

It’s cloud-based software for prioritizing what features of a product should be built next with great monitoring options.

Productboard is customizable software for your needs, and offers you a starter guidance basics for using it.

You can track the progress of building features starting with generating new ideas through to delivery and launching of final product.

In every moment you are able to see the status of the project. You are flexible in sorting tasks by importance, or any other way you wish.

If you need communication with other  planning tools there are plenty of them like integration with Zapier, Trello, Slack, Jira, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker etc.

Best Productboard features

With practically sorted information and feedback about processes, teams are being more productive.

That’s why Productboard focuses on showing important information about product building firstly.

But they also give you an ability to see details about it easily. Down below we’ve explained how their best features function and how you can use them.

Productboard - Insights tab

It is designed to prioritize the right features and to design them in the right way, and we could support every product decision by user insight checking which is practical for users.

Our home display is exactly that one, where we are able to see users feedback and to decide what to do with it.

Use the Insights board to determine product ideas, requests, research, and feedback streaming in from a number of sources.

Highlight interesting insights in user research, give them feedback and link them to related feature ideas.

Feature tab

Feature tab shows which user needs each feature, what to build next, seeing priorities and some more details.

We can add more important details in description, information of the user needs, requirements, priorities, key results, objectives and other context to help you build a perfect product on time.

For each feature, see everyone who has ever requested it and exactly what they said about it.

Roadmap tab

Roadmap shows visualisations of upcoming processes. It helps us to see why we planned something, what we planned, and when.

We also have multiple ways of showing different versions of it to different stakeholders, so in case that plans changed they’ll stay up to date.

Portal tab

Publish a selection of your ideas to your public Portal to collect upvotes and user feedback. Source new ideas and uncover user insights you might have missed.

The whole tab is based on encouraging users to gather feedback.

Also they’ll always be up to date with project realisation and they will feel more in control of your work by your actions responding to their feedback.

Manage product development process, product marketing, and launch activities all from one place. There are insights for consolidating every feedback.

Main advantages of Productboard

  • Full featured system - Offers a lot of functions which help teams to properly respond on users feedback
  • Roadmap - Shows the process of building products which helps users get the most out of your product and respond to your actions on time
  • Great support - They offer you support on many ways and they’re responding fast enough
  • Web platform - You can use it from wherever you have internet connection

Main disadvantages of Productboard

  • No free plan - Sometimes 15 days of free trial aren’t enough to meet with the benefits of software and option of free plan would be good for someone intended to use it in future
  • Complex system - It’s not easy for use so teams need a time to get used to work with it

Productboard’s Pricing

Productboard offers a free trial of 15 days. At that time you are able to try all the plans including all the features.

There are two types of Packages billing: Billed monthly and billed annually

Billed monthly - packages and what they contain

Billed annually - for billing annually you’re getting two months free

Aha.io - Uservoice alternative with automatized tasks

Aha! is one of the world’s best roadmap softwares and its role is in helping users build and market products that customers will love.

It is also one of the Uservoice alternatives with a lot of features, a little bit complex system where you can develop a lot of your processes for building products for someone.

Aha! offers six different types of previously built workspaces — product, IT, services, project, business, and marketing.

It means that in case you need this software for other teams( like marketing, business, IT…) Aha! has workspaces designed specially for those needs.

You are able to have as many teams and workspaces as you need in one account and work independently or together.

By starting with Aha! you and your team have a guidance of basics for using it and working with it, including a lot of detailed instructions and video tutorials on their official site for new users.

Working with Aha! software you’re starting by creating detailed strategic roadmaps. That means that you have to create strategy, set goals, and initiatives.

Using this Uservoice alternative also provides you to capture new ideas by customers and colleagues in one place, to rank them and their importance and to promote the ones that matters, directly on the roadmap.

Precisely plan what needs to be done in one place, drag cards by priority, change order and update status of work to be visible to everyone.

You can track product delivery across your teams so you can deliver it on time – every time. Identify resource issues and dates or reassign more to keep your plans moving forward, and also share your roadmaps with stakeholders.

You can analyze your work progress, measure and learn from what’s been developed in the past.

Customize boards so you can use it like you used to, and like it’s more logical to you and your teams.

Manage schedules, build calendars, and take a look at the Gant chart for better view and understanding of your processes schedule.

Create reports and presentations for every segment you need it for. Also there is a mobile app(iOS and Android).

Main advantages

  • How to videos - Aha! contains a huge base of how to videos for newbies, so they could slowly learn how to work in it
  • Numerous features - With a lot of options, you can plan and monitor your whole business strategy in it, and in many cases it can be your main software for business
  • Advanced analytics - Integrated analytics which could be so usable for team and product building processes
  • Automatization tasks - You can create records of moves for the tasks that are often
  • Great support - Fast support specially for Enterprises
  • Mobile App - You can use the app and work easier when you’re on terrain

Main disadvantages

  • Complex - Teams need a lot of time to get used to it and to learn all segments of how it works
  • Bad Design - Design could be more intuitive with better UX

Aha’s Pricing

Productboard offers a free trial of 30 days. At that time you are able to try all the plans including all the features.

There are two types of Packages billing: Billed monthly and billed annually

Billed monthly - packages and what they contain

Billed annually - for billing annually you’re getting 20% of discount

* If you’re a startup company you are able to send a proposal for a special discount, and Aha!’s team could give you a higher discount.

Canny.io - Uservoice alternative for simple collecting feedback

Canny is one of the Uservoice alternatives and it offers a solution for teams to collect and organize feedback from their users.

As your business grows, collecting and organizing feedback from your customers can be really overwhelming.

You want to show them that you care and you're listening but it's impossible to stay on top of it all and your team ends up guessing project priorities.

Canny is one single place for all customer feedback that saves you a lot of time managing all the feedback while keeping your customers in the loop.

Let your customers post feedback and vote for them from within your website or mobile app.

You'll get an organized list of feedback that you can use to inform and upgrade your roadmap of building products for them.

Main advantages

  • Simple - Simple tool, easy to use with small number of actions in it but valuable actions
  • Mobile App - Canny offers a mobile app for easier using of their software on every place

Main disadvantages

  • No import/export data - When you start with it you can’t import any data from past, and if you wish to export it for using information somewhere else it’s not possible
  • No integrations - They do not offer integrations with other tools which could be repulsive to users

Canny’s Pricing

Productboard offers a free trial of 15 days. At that time you are able to try all the plans including all the features.

Billed monthly


Uservoice alternatives are numerous, they are great tools for organising and prioritising customer feedback, and Uservoice isn’t for everyone due to high pricing and complexity.

If you’re a Small or Medium business working in SaaS and looking monitoring of your building progress in detail, so your users could be included in it, then Productboard is the best Uservoice alternative for you.

For all Enterprises who want to include the other teams, next to their product team and to automate some of their tasks then we suggest you try an Aha! Software.

And in the end, we suggest Canny for Small and Medium companies which are looking for easily collecting feedback, this software is so usable.

We wouldn’t recommend it to Large companies and Enterprises because of the Importing and Exporting disadvantage which we explained earlier.

We hope that this article gives you an useful starting point to explore some other options and Uservoice alternatives that will suit your business, help you get feedback and build successful products for your users in future.